Breakthrough hydration for the breakout-prone

Breakthrough hydration for the breakout-prone
Introducing the latest launch from PCA Skin® HydraMatte, an oil-controlling hydrator with a powdery-matte finish.
PCA Skin Hydramatte moisturiser open on table top
Experience immediate and long-term hydration* while reducing oil at the skin’s surface and minimising the appearance of pores and fine lines. This luxurious, quick-absorbing gel moisturiser with a powdery-matte finish gently moisturises oily and breakout-prone skin to help promote a clear complexion and refined skin texture. Its unique prebiotic and probiotic effects also help support a balanced skin microbiome for improved barrier function and reduced oxidative stress. The result is skin that appears smooth and radiant with continued use.
*when used twice daily.
Controlling oily skin
Oily skin can have trademark symptoms- breakouts, enlarged pores, rough texture and dullness.
texture image of on oily skin with blemishes
Your first thought may be to use products that dry out the skin to reduce oil production and acne breakouts.  However, this can cause it to compensate by producing excess sebum, causing even more breakouts. Provide balance, keep oily skin under control with quick-absorbing hydration that doesn't feel heavy or clog pores.
Results you can see!
before and after improvement in skin texture and glow
before and after 8 weeks improvement to tone and texture
Multi-targeted ingredients
+ Pink Pepper Leaf Extract – a unique extract rich in polyphenols that helps reduce oil at the skin’s surface, minimise the appearance of pores, and refine skin texture.

+ Rosa Centifolia Flower Extract an extract derived from French roses that delivers immediate and long-term hydration while helping support the skin’s natural barrier function. Its unique prebiotic and probiotic effects help maintain a balanced skin microbiome for reduced oxidative stress. Its postbiotic effects aid
in skin recovery.

+ Hydrolyzed Rice Extract – a powerful extract that helps deliver immediate and long-term hydration when used twice daily. It has been shown to boost skin moisturisation and help support overall barrier function with continued use.

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