These were our top selling PCA Skin products of 2022

These were our top selling PCA Skin products of 2022


You can’t go on a social media platform without seeing a highlights real of everyone’s amazing 2022, honestly the audio ‘and with that the 2022 season comes to end’ is on constant repeat, so here is our own highlights of the biggest selling products on in 2022.


Let’s take a look at what has been trending at PCA Skin UK…


  1. Blemish Control Bar

The top spot and to no surprise, is our award winning, hero product Blemish Control Bar. If your skin is suffering a little more with congestion, oily or acne concerns whether on the face or body then this treatment cleanser could be your new holy grail. Using 2% Salicylic Acid to clear pores of dead skin cells, oil and bacteria with a gorgeous dose of Eucalyptus Oil that not only purifies and soothes but smells like a spa in a jar, you can gain control of your blemish-prone skin twice a day while cleansing.
PRO TIP- Create the lather and leave this on the skin for 2 minutes for the active ingredients to really get to work before removing. Amazing pairing products to complete your routine include; HydraMatte and Weightless Protection Broad Spectrum SPF45.
  1. Hydrating Toner

A toner maybe a forgotten step in many self-care routines BUT our number two product may just prove otherwise. Toners are always thought of as astringent and alcohol based which strip the skin but this thinking is so out of date. Hydrating Toner is built for all skin types and concerns and should be used after your cleansing to remove any access cleanser, dirt and debris from the skin surface while giving an extra boost of hydration to keep the skin healthy, refreshed and pH balanced protecting your skins natural barrier function.

PRO TIP-  you can also purchase this in a small spray version and can apply over make up throughout the day to keep hydration levels up, great if you are in an office environment.


  1. Hyaluronic Acid Boosting Serum

You think PCA Skin, most think Hyaluronic Acid. Number three is a serum which plumps, firms and hydrates skin with Hyaluronic Acid (HA) working in three levels of action. It has a high molecular weight HA to deliver immediate hydration and plumping to the skin surface. A lower molecular weight HA to penetrate deeper in the skin for fewer fine lines and wrinkles and a HA Complex which is a proprietary ingredient blend to stimulate your skins own natural HA production for long term anti-aging and hydration.

PRO TIP- if your skin is dehydrated, which most skins are then dampen the skin prior to application so the molecules of HA can draw that moisture into the skin too. Available in an Utimate 88ml size triple the size but not triple the cost.

  1. Clearskin

A moisturiser that’s light, quick absorbing and a non-oily feel. Number four is the daily moisturiser answer to any oily or sensitive skins. Reducing redness with potent plant extracts to calm and purify. Balancing the skins natural oil production with Niacinamide which also helps protect the skins barrier function and reducing discolouration with a Retinol Palmitate.

PRO TIP- Your moisturiser is basically your night cream, your morning routine should always finish with a Broad Spectrum SPF no matter the weather conditions. Find your prefect SPF here.

  1. Ideal Complex: Revitalizing Eye Gel

This cutting-edge eye gel strengthens, firms and lifts the skin around the eye, which needs to be treated with specific technology to create impact and no irritation. This gel is packed with a powerhouse of peptides to create messages for the skin to act in a new and more youthful way. Combat not only the signs of ageing but decrease puffiness & dark circles too. This ultimate eye product is also available in a richer texture Ideal Complex: Restorative Eye Cream, offering the same ingredients and results.
PRO TIP- Apply Ideal Complex: Revitalising Eye Gel to the entire eye lid, down to the lash line to firm and lift the targeted problem area.

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