The Easiest Skin Exfoliant: Resurfacing Serum

The Easiest Skin Exfoliant: Resurfacing Serum


The path to skin care goals is here with the daily use of Resurfacing Serum. Powered by a gentle, unique blend of AHAs, PHAs, and botanical extracts that improve the appearance of fine lines, pore size, redness, and uneven skin. Using Resurfacing Serum twice a day is shown to improve overall skin texture and radiance, resulting in a hydrated and youthful glow.

Key benefits

  • Provides gentle exfoliation while hydrating and calming the skin.
  • Reduces the build up of dead surface cells.
  • Leaves skin radiant, smooth, and clear.
  • Exfoliate while hydrating and calming the skin Improve overall skin texture and radiance.




Exfoliating ingredients

Glycolic arginine complex (AHA)-  A gentle exfoliator that slowly releases glycolic acid into the skin to increase skin cell exfoliation, improving texture and clogged pores.

Lactic acid (AHA)- Allows for easier exfoliation of dead skin cell build up.

Lactobionic acid (PHA)-Improves skin tone, clarity, fine lines, and texture.     

Hydrolysed prickly pear flower extract (botanical)- Supports skin barrier function and natural exfoliation process, making skin smooth and hydrated.               

Hydrating Ingredients                                                                                

Saccharide Isomerate (hydrator)- A highly effective moisture regulator that also strengthens skin barrier function.





Your PCA Skin multi-tasking approach

Easily add Resurfacing Serum into your daily regimen alongside your other favourite PCA Skin® products and professional treatments. Use these example regimens to find out where Resurfacing Serum fits into your routine.


*We strongly recommend using a broad spectrum SPF every morning as the last step in any skin care routine.


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PCA Skin® Certified Professionals are expertly trained to provide customised professional treatments and daily care regimens. Talk to your local PCA Skin® Certified Professional about the right treatment plan tailored specifically for you find them here.


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