The Science Behind PCA Skin's High-Performing Formulations: Omnisome Explained

The Science Behind PCA Skin's High-Performing Formulations: Omnisome Explained


What is a delivery system?

Delivery systems are how key ingredients in your products are distributed into your skin. Advanced delivery systems can dramatically change how effective your products are, keeping ingredients inside protected from damage and even minimising any side effects you may experience.

Conventional delivery systems.

Conventional skincare delivery systems encapsulate the ingredients and essentially open on contact with the skin. This results in a large deposit of the product on the surface layers of the skin and relying on the skin to absorb as much of the product as it can on its own.


conventional skin delivery system


Next generation OmniSome delivery technology.

Having been used in pharmaceuticals for decades, PCA SKIN® took the OmniSome delivery system and used it to make skincare formulations more powerful than ever. The OmniSome delivery system encapsulates the formulas fragile ingredients in layers, like an onion. Instead of the encapsulation being broken on contact with the skin, an initial deposit is made when applied, opening that first large layer. As the product absorbs into the skin, the OmniSome carries the inner layers deeper into the skin, gradually breaking apart and releasing the ingredients. The result is a large initial deposit in the first two hours and time-released deposits over the next eight hours, allowing one application of product to last ten hours.


PCA Skin omnisome delivery system


Why does this benefit the skin?

Major benefits of this advanced delivery system include reduced irritation since most of the product is not sitting on the surface layers of skin. Less irritation means more frequent use of the product and more powerful results.


What PCA Skin® products contain Omnisome?

PCA SKIN® offers four unique retinol formulations with this next generation delivery technology: Intensive Age Refining Treatment®: 0.5% pure retinol nightIntensive Clarity Treatment®: 0.5% pure retinol nightIntensive Brightening: 0.5% pure retinol night and Retinol Treatment for Sensitive Skin. In addition to the advanced delivery technology, each retinol is formulated for a specific skin concern — aging, acne, discoloration or sensitive — by pairing retinol with additional ingredients that target these unique concerns.

Finally, Acne Gel Advanced Treatment, contains the proprietary OmniSome delivery system to properly stabilise the 2% salicylic acid to boost its overall penetration into the skin, resulting in a clear complexion.

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